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  • Bianco Brothers Instruments
  • 6301 10th Avenue
  • Brooklyn, NY 11219
  • Phone: 718-680-4492
  • Website:
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Item Price

Bianco Brothers Nail Nippers $15.00

Bianco Brothers Tissue Nippers $15.00 each

Non Bianco Brothers Tissue nippers $20.00 each

Non Bianco Brothers Nail nippers $20.00 each

Bianco Brothers Double action bone nippers $20.00 each

Non Bianco Brothers Double Action bone nippers $23.00

Nail cutters with tilted heads $20.00 each

Scoop type bone nippers $20.00 each

Rongeurs $20.00 each

Scalpels $5.00 each

Scalpel blades $1.00 each

Bone scrapers $4.00 each

Hemostats $4.00 each

Tweezers $4.00 each

Rasps/Bone rasps $4.00 per end

Curettes small 1/16” – 1/8” $4.00 per end

Curettes large 3/16” & up $5.00 per end

Small ostiotome $5.00 each

Medium ostiotome $5.00 each

Curved ostiotome (small-large) $5.00 each

Scissors (most types) $15.00 each


Stainless springs for nippers $4.00 each

Custom stainless springs not in stock $6.00 each

Custom parts made of stainless $25.00 per

Stainless screw for scissors $5.00 each

Stainless rivet for scissors $5.00 each

Replace corrugation on fine or coarse scissors $5.00 each

Broken scissors repaired when parts are available $25.00 per

(sharpening not included)

There is an $10.00 shipping and handling fee on all packages.

(shipping & handling fee subject to change depending on the number of instruments

being shipped and required insurance)


#1 – Please sterilize all instruments and secure them in a Box only. Please do Not use padded


#2 – Please enclose a list of instruments and a note describing exactly what

you wish to have done. Please include return address and phone #.

#3 – Insure your package.

We will call for a form of payment. Credit card #’s are preferred for easy and fast processing. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.


Bianco Brothers insures all outgoing packages and will replace any instruments that were lost with a Bianco Brothers Instrument of equal or higher value as long as proof of what was sent is in the package and the package was insured. Please use a reputable shipping company such as UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, or US postal service. Any instruments missing upon arrival of a package is not the responsibility of Bianco Brothers.

Bianco Brothers will not be responsible when:

#1 – A package is received ripped open, broken into or similarly damaged.

#2 – A packing slip is missing from the order. A packing slip must be enclosed in the package in order for Bianco Brothers to know exactly what was shipped.

#3 – If the package wasn’t insured. All incoming packages must be insured for the purchase price of the enclosed instruments.

Bianco Brothers guarantees all service will be completed in a timely matter. All packages are shipped back to you via USPS Priority of First Class mail enabling Bianco Brothers to track your package and guarantee its safe delivery back to you.